Yellowstone & Shoshone National Forest Views are INCREDIBLE!



Watch the setting sun while sitting around a cozy campfire. Witness the birth of the new forests.  See the explosion of new plant life, including millions of wildflowers.  Sheep Mesa Outfitters recommends scheduling your summer vacation during the months of July through September.  Select a time during the weeks surrounding a full moon and you will be assured of witnessing some spectacular moon-lit evenings.

Recommended Camping Gear:

Good quality sleeping bag (rated 20 to 30 degree F.)Meet Donk
Light weight sleeping pad
Good quality rain gear (poncho or jacket and pants)                  
Small flashlight
1 quart canteen or water bottle
Camera and film
Binoculars (optional)

Recommended Clothing:

2 pair pants
2 long sleeve shirts
1 sweater
1 pair long johns
1 pair shorts, cut-offs or swimming suit
1 pair compression shorts (optional)
Cap or hat with sun visor
Medium weight cotton or wool socks
Warm, medium weight jacket
T-shirts & underwear ( 1 of each per day)
Light weight leather or wool gloves
1 pair tennis shoes (for fishing & lounging around camp)
Day pack (optional)
1 pair water proof boots or over-shoes (optional)
Chaps (optional)
1 pair good quality, waterproof Hiking Boots.  (The best thing to wear for riding, hiking, and for protection during cold and wet weather.)

Recommended Personal Items

Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Towel and washcloth
Biodegradable soap and shampoo
1 can bug repellant
Sunscreen, chapstick and hand lotion

Duffel Bags Fishing Gear

We suggest that your bring 2 water-resistant duffel bags:  One for your clothing and one for your sleeping bag.  

The size of the duffel bag that will pack best on the pack animals will measure approximately 2 ft. long by 1 ft. tall by 16 in. wide when filled with gear.  

One clothing duffel bag, 20 pounds maximum, per person, please. When packing, remember that our Wyoming summer weather can vary from hot and sunny to cold and wet.

Please pack accordingly.

We can furnish you with some gear, but   if you are planning on doing some serious fishing, we
do recommend that you bring your own equipment.  Whether you are planning on using spin casting equipment or a fly rod, make sure your rod will break down to a maximum length of 4 ft.  Also, pack your rod in a durable rod case or tube. 

Some recommended lures:  Small Panther Martins, Dare Devils & Mepps.  Recommended flies:  Small mosquito, adams, grasshopper, royal coachman & nymphs. 

There are some excellent fly shops in Cody, where you can purchase flies, lures, equipment and licenses when you arrive.


  • When packing, it is important to include the necessary clothing and equipment to ensure a safe, enjoyable pack trip.  It is equally important to avoid taking a lot of extra, unnecessary gear so we can travel as light as possible.
  • We do have sleeping bags & pads available if you do not want to bring your own, although most people do prefer to bring their own.
  • Be prepared to have a great time, see some breathtaking scenery and experience this exciting adventure into the greater Yellowstone region of northwest Wyoming.


Note: Rates are based on a per day basis - trip in and trip out; not on a per night basis.

$350 Per person, per day*

*Family rates and return customer rates are available. 

Rates for back country trip into Yellowstone National Park are $400 per person, per day.

Please call Ron Good at (307) 587-4305 or call Ron's Cell: 307-899-5111 .

We require a 3-day minimum trip for trips outside of Yellowstone National Park and strongly recommend a 7- to 10-day trip if you are planning on going into the Back Country of Yellowstone.

To confirm your reservation dates, a 50% deposit is required. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable. Please send the required deposit when you BOOK YOUR TRIP.   Personal checks are accepted for the deposit only.  The balance is due before the Trip begins.

We are looking forward to having you join us!

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